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Ambassador Program

An Ambassador is a goodwill representative giving of his/her time and energies to represent and inform members and non-members of the opportunities and benefits offered by membership in the Early Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the Ambassador program is both an honor and a privilege as Ambassadors are highly visible in Brown County.


Helen Tatum - Community Ambassador
Lanet McShan - CARE Nursing and Rehabilitation
Joanne McCraw - CASA in the Heart of Texas
Rod Martin - Rod Martin Group
Maliah Erin Matteucci - Mike Hall State Farm
Lisa Callihan - CMS Healthcare
Ashley Collinsworth - Daybreak Community
Donna Evans - Center for Life Resources (JCI)
Bridgett Jo Everett - Interim Healthcare Hospice
Andra Iafrate - AGJI Welding
Angela Baker - Center for Life Resources
Mavis Bradsher - Mavis Bradsher LCSW
Rachelle Barge - Sherwin-Williams Paints