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Ambassador Program

An Ambassador is a goodwill representative giving of his/her time and energies to represent and inform members and non-members of the opportunities and benefits offered by membership in the Early Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the Ambassador program is both an honor and a privilege as Ambassadors are highly visible in Brown County.


Andra Iafrate AGJI Welding  

Angela Baker Center for Life Resources

Ashley Collinsworth Auto Xpress 

Melinda McCombs MC Bank

Donna Evans Center For Life Resources (JCI) 

Helen Tatum Community Ambassador

Ashton Hinton Rod Martin Group

Melinda McCombs MC Bank 

Lisa Callihan CMS-Kinder Hearts Home Health

Morenci Locke Smile Doctors Braces

Melanie Almgren Smile Doctors Braces

Victoria Maldonado F&M Bank

Joy Grubbs Pecan Valley Republic Women

Jenette Foshee Pecan Valley Republic Women

Marie H. Reed Pecan Valley Republic Women

Tim Peevy  Mike Hall State Farm